6:17 .

Walking down a twilight street, another working day
Close the kitchen door as the sunlight fades away
Washing hands and face, then sitting in my chair
Thinking of your eyes and the color of your hair
Picking up the phone I wonder what it all could mean
Time for me to call 6:17

Everyday adventure ends with the sound of your voice
Of all the possibilities Im so glad you made this choice
The beauty of this time will stand forever in my mind
Of everything before or since this was magical to find
Taken to another world that I had never seen
This time is just for us 6:17

Beneath the daily conversation still waters flowing deep
The promises and dreams are not always ours to keep
If this cup might pass us by and never should we drink
All the tangled paths may lead us closer to the brink
The heat or cold of feelings lying somewhere in between
Silence on the line 6:17

Over 20 years ago our lives just went astray
Dancing in the shadows of the nights that slipped away
Decisions made in passion that had never come to be
Combine with love unspoken and the visions yet to see
Standing in the twilight here we wash our sorrows clean
This moment is our own 6:17

© 2016 Barnett Productions