"Watch for signs of life"

Dark and silent 2 AM
And Iím here with you again
Seems like this is all we do
You wonder if Iíll see it through
And you watch for signs of life
You know the past is gone and dead
Only exists within your head
I may not do all I should
But you know my word is good
And I see some signs of life

We can get ourselves out of here
Driving into a night thatís clear
Challenging the ancient fear
Weíll watch it all disappear

Too long to be standing still
Fear of change can break your will
Movement now can set you free
Towards the things meant to be
Join the dance of life
Anything you dare to do
Will make a change in you
Trust your heart will show the way
To another better day
And watch for signs of life

© 2016 Barnett Productions