"Spend some time"

We're gonna sit here in the living room
And have ourselves a talk
Maybe I'll just grab my shoes
Then we can take a walk
No big deal, we're just gonna spend some time
We'll stand here in the kitchen
And have ourselves some tea
Or go out in the back yard
Look out at all the trees
Nothing new we're just gonna spend some time

Spend some time together
Spend some time alone
I'll Spend some time on the road a while
Then Spend some time at home
Spend some time with the ones I love
You know it's not a crime
It's never really wasted
We're just gonna Spend some time

Things keep going faster
Pretty soon they're gonna fly
Spin your wheels on a gravel road
As you look up and ask why
Too much stuff and not enough time to spend
Hold the boat and slow the pace
Give yourself a break
If you don't have the time to spend
You'll need some time to take
No big deal we're just gonna Spend some time

© 2016 Barnett Productions