"Shoot for the moon"

I donít know where you think youíre going
Is what that man just said
Youíre gonna stay right here
Until the day that youíre dead
There are too many others out there
So much better than you
You can wish your life away
But thereís nothing you can do

So Iíll shoot for the moon
Give it all I can
Take my shot and like as not
Karma will lend a hand (universe, God)
And shoot for the moon, shoot for the moon

Forget it man sheís out of your league
Wonít know that youíre alive
You got nothing to offer her
Thereís no way you can survive
The guys with looks and money
Will just step in front of you
You can dream your life away
But thereís nothing you can do

They say you can have anything
But not all your heart desires
If you never choose
Youíll never feel the fire
Let the ones who worry
Sit and never make a move
Itís only to yourself
That you have anything to prove

© 2016 Barnett Productions