"Wont give up"

Today I took down your pictures
Stuck em in a cardboard box
Under the dishes you left behind
Wrapped in old t-shirts and sox
I threw in some old momentos
I bought you one summers day
Although you probably wont remember
And I should just throw them away

But I wont give up on love
It's the opposite of pain
It gets easier each day
To see the sunshine through the rain
And I have only love to gain

I went down to the corner
And got myself a beer
But there was no one to talk to
Nothing they'd want to hear
So I looked out the window
Watched the cars speed by
I understand how all this happened
I'm just not sure why

There's a girl at the table
And she's got a pretty smile
I'd really like to meet her
But it's been quite a while
I'm not afraid of rejection
Or getting hurt again
I know as one thing's ending
Something else will begin

© 2016 Barnett Productions