"All by ourselves"

dancing through our teen age years
with momma watching every thing we did
never had much time alone
daddy and big brother found us anywhere we hid
several magic stolen moments
we were never satisfied with wasted time
wishing we could stop forever
comparing all your chaperones with mine

we donít need another soul to share
love we have is ours with none to spare
leave the world sitting on the shelves
we just want to be all by ourselves

wedding days in gowns of white
planning life until we hit our stride
children blessing everything
dependence on us both we couldnít hide
laughter mixed with many tears
watching as they grow up to be free
wonder about the future days
when life would end up with you and me

empty nest and passing time
look back at the start so long ago
all the shared experiences
there was no way that we could ever know
living in the sunset years
it seems that the dream has now come true
I look into your eyes and think
how wonderful to find someone like you

© 2016 Barnett Productions