"Far Side"

On the far side of the valley
I see the lightning flash
Wait just two or three seconds
To hear the thunder crash
I see the storm is coming
Rolling on this way
Face into the leading wind
My heart begins to say

This is life why don’t you live it
The path is almost clear
You have love why don’t you give it
Heaven is so near
Forgive the past behind you
Let it disappear
Keep hold of those you treasure
This is why you’re here – this is why you’re here

On the far side of the ocean
Stands a figure still
Searching for the answers
Of his own free will
Dreams of heaven waiting
Somewhere far away
Movement in his heart appears
And then begins to say

On the far side of the bedroom
Sits an ancient text
Seldom read or noticed
Something else always next
But when the shadows lengthen
The tricks the mind can play
Look into the pages
At what it has to say

© 2016 Barnett Productions