"Fresh air"

Great uncle John came out of the bathroom
Then the cloud passed through
A hint of the hot dogs from Saturday night
Something died in there too
Cover your nose with napkin or clothes The entire house smells like poo
Open the windows and turn on the fan
I know just what to do

That's why God made fabreese
Airwick and glade to cover that cheese
Give it a minute it's only fair
Then you can breathe the air
That's why God made fabreese

Liver and onions is my favorite dinner
With garlic and salt they're delish
Cholesterol's low so everything's fried
Before it's placed on my dish
This kind of food at every meal
With a beer or two is my wish
But two days later the couch smells like liver
And somehow the chair smells like fish

The dog's getting older, the kids never bathe
And I never wash my hair
I wear the same clothes every day
I think something's living in there
Compared to old spice this stuff is nice
And lysol don't stand a prayer
We smell fantastic but the house is a mess
Spray bottles are everywhere

© 2016 Barnett Productions