"Yard Sale"

We got a futon bed and an old guitar
Coats piled up on top of the car
VHS and 78ís
Some other stuff that ainít that great
A circular saw and an old lunch pail
Come on down to the yard sale

We got a snowboard and a six-man tent
The tables gone, I donít know where it went
Shirts, shoes, dresses too
Some got tags just like brand new
Umbrella taped to the front porch rail
Come on down to the yard sale

Itís a yard sale and a weekend shot
If it donít rain itíll be too hot
To tell the truth if I had my say
Iíd just throw it all away

We got a dartboard and a rocking chair
So much stuff it donít seem fair
Some dishes and a crock pot
Maybe it works, maybe not
I think perhaps Iíve had my fill
Itís all headed for goodwill

© 2016 Barnett Productions