"Two Wheel Cowboy"

He walked out of the bar into the Arizona sun
Pulled his hat down tight and double checked his gun
Duster blew behind him as he strode out to his ride
Swung into the saddle and the rabbits ran to hide
The rumble of the big machine echoed through the town
Big hand on the throttle slowly turned the bike around
Spitting in the dust and then lowering his gaze
Another day of riding through that Arizona blaze

Heís a two wheel cowboy an outlaw on the road
Live to ride and ride to live is the bikerís code
A two wheeled cowboy about a hundred years too late
Riding to his destiny in a rendezvous with fate

Raised in Oklahoma then the cactus called him here
To ride the dusty highways only stopping for a beer
From the Colorado River to the New Mexico state line
From Utah to Nogales you can hear his tires whine
Heís had himself some women but never had a wife
Voodoo priest told him once that it would end his life
Told him if he ever left this lonely desert state
He'd find his love, die in her arms, that would be his fate

He stopped in bullhead city for a drink or maybe two
Stared across the river at a girl he thought he knew
Rode across the bridge stopping in Nevada dirt
Tipped his hat and simply said howdy my names Kirt
She looked into his eyes and he knew it was the end
As a band of biker outlaws drove around the bend
Drive by bullets pierced his heart as she ran to his side
And as his life was ending he told her "take my ride"

A two wheel cowboy dying in the dirt
The woman swore a vengeance to the man she knew as Kirt
A two wheel cowboy finally found his mate
Riding to his death in a rendezvous with fate

© 2016 Barnett Productions