"Absent Father"

Play the piano for me Danny
Like you did when you were two
I don't have too many memories
Of the time I spent with you
Ten minute tape of conversation
Piano playing random notes
Home movie blurred thru years of playing
And some aging bathtub boats

I am the absent father
Wishing time could just replay
All the birthdays that I never spent with you
Things that I could never say
I am the absent father
A man you never really knew
Standing silent at the edges of your life
Whisper softly I love you

Phantom sounds of giggled laughter
Christmas toys and smiling eyes
Your happy childhood memories
I tell myself a few more lies
You know I never saw it coming
The time just disappeared from view
A Weekend dad who drifted out of sight
Neglecting Love long overdue

Now I watch the fading pictures
Knowing that I cannot return
You paid the price for both of us
I hope my lessons finally learned

© 2016 Barnett Productions