"The Cowboy Life"

Time to head this body home
Out to where the cattle roam
Saddle up that old brown horse
I used to dream of the Rodeo
Until my heart and bones said no
Headed out on a different course
I rode away to the cowboy life
An old guitar and a pocketknife
Quickly learned the way of the west
Hard life on the open range
Every night the sky would change
Trust the good lord, cause he knows best
He knows I loved the Cowboy life

A young and foolish heart to tend
Quick to hurt and slow to mend
Never thought to stop and wonder why
Wasn't there when my parents died
I was still out branding hide
Sleeping underneath a starlit sky
I rode away to the cowboy life
This guitar and a pocket knife
Live out on Gods own earth
Best friend carried me home
For a bag of oats, a brush n comb
Soon learned what friends are worth
Living the cowboy life

I can't breathe this city air
Smells enough to curl your hair
Four walls and bills to pay
Traffic jam on every street
Can't escape the summer heat
I don't know what makes me stay
I rode away from the cowboy life
To a safe job and a selfish wife
There's nothing left for me to do
Stand here and ask the sea
Is there a cowboy left in me
Or just a ranch style house in Malibu
Lord I miss the cowboy life

I'm riding back to the cowboy life
Without that pocket knife
Some where I belong
Breathe free on the open range
Waiting for that sky to change
While I sing this song
About the cowboy life

© 2016 Barnett Productions