"What Love Can Make"

The Wind outside our window sings a lullaby
Remembering the way you looked the second of July
The day you saved my life and I saved yours
The opening of hearts like two creaking doors
I love you more today than anything on earth
Now I know what life is worth

In our distant aging past memory remains
Tied within a tangled web of old regrets and chains
When you changed your name to mine and we kissed
Sealing then the pact of love we had always missed
I love you with the passion that you gave to me
Now I know all that love can be

I know what life is worth
And all that life can be
Everything I need to live
Is standing next to me

I realize the end of life is closer than the start
From now until that moment you can keep my heart
You still save my life each day and I save you
Watch you fall asleep at night is all I want to do
I love you more every morning I awake
Now I know what love can make

© 2016 Barnett Productions