"Once Upon a Time"

Once upon a time
Was how it all began
I looked into your eyes
You were nine and I was ten
We never kissed
Just something we missed
Another lovely fairy tale
One more nursery rhyme

Once upon a time
I thought of you each day
Lie awake at night
Daydreams keep the dark away
Living alone
Heart like a stone
Waiting for the end to come
And wake on heavens door

Once upon a time
I found you waiting here
The dream at last is real
Come to wash away my fear
I finally knew
My love was you
If you find a lasting truth
It sets you free

Once upon a time
A happy ever after life
Living every day
Just another man and wife
Beliefs all you need
Change your world and plant a seed
The fairy tale does come true
Once upon a time

© 2016 Barnett Productions