Left eye opens slowly dawn cracks open wide
Softly rumbling sleeper lying by my side
One leg, two,Thoughts of what to do
Spilling into consciousness and I just want to hide
Kitchen window tells me something of the weather
Fresh air showers through me straining on its tether
Not, a word, I know it sounds absurd
Thereís one more thing I need to pull the day together

The first cup of coffee in my morning
Gathers up confidence and starts me on the way
Five minutes peace to get me going
Can make the biggest difference in my day
Itís not the caffeine or the warming
That causes anxious feelings to release
Starting in my soul and growing outward
I'm addicted to the five minutes peace

A simple bit of poetry inspires strength of will
Twirling wisps of steam dancing on the window sill
Thoughts, unwind, Like a ball of twine
Prophesy of mood uplift that I can self fulfill
I know that God truly loves me
At least, until, the day unrolls to be
Chaos, clutter, Help me not to stutter
With just half a moment spent here quietly

I'm back from the fire into the frying pan
Gathering notes for another morning plan
Clothes, laid out, Sleep away my doubt
And I soundly wait for the sun to rise again

© 2016 Barnett Productions