"Arbuckle in the rain"

Leaving the apartment, You drove the other way
A simple kiss in parting, There was nothing I could say
Climbing in the truck, A silent moment there
Pulled away as clouds convened, Amid the autumn air

Arbuckle in the rain
Grey skies cover pain
Just a heart alone
Walking sand and stone
Through Arbuckle in the rain

Cell phone gets no signal, The drizzle fills my brain
Two miles up or two miles down, Either ones the same
Tire blew on I 5 north, I donít own a jack
Another camel straw is placed directly on my back

Stopping at the exit ramp I see the only store
I could call a tow truck, I'm not sure what for
Looking at the highway, Then looking at my shoes
Leaving my possessions there, Nothing left to lose

© 2016 Barnett Productions