"Up Front and Honest"

I appreciate your candor
The way you bare your soul
Telling me your bad mistakes
I donít really need to know
It must have been difficult
To go through all that pain
So Iíll listen here intently
As you walk that road again

Since weíre being right up front and honest
Thereís a little something its better if you knew
Even with all the scars and baggage
I am still in love with you

I think you might be thinking
This will make me run away
Because I sit here listening
Without a word to say
You watch my face for loathing
While spilling out your heart
To me thatís simply history
This moment is a brand new start

You still seem suspicious
And you gave it your best shot
Thinking you are ugly inside
And somehow I am not
Let me hold your hand
And warm your heart of stone
Iíll tell you all my stories
Not so different from your own

© 2016 Barnett Productions