"The Band"

The drummer missed a downbeat as he kicked his beer
The sax man wished he was anywhere but here
A chuckle from the bartender who'd seen it all before
An eveningís entertainment is what he had in store

The band started playing - never looking back
Didnít see the absence - of the qualities they lack
Praying for a miracle - it seemed so hard to find
Fill the air with music - that played within their mind

The singer checked the lyrics and smudged the ink
Forcing her to pause a moment as she tried to think
Dazed look on the guitar player not from alcohol
The mint condition Gibson didnít really help at all

The band started playing - a battle all up hill
Wanting to be better through the sheer force of will
Cursing at their clumsy and poor attempt to find
The miracle of music that played within their mind

Keyboard started playing in a different key
The backside of the waitress was all he could see
Advice from the audience mostly was kept clean
Even though some music fans abruptly left the scene

The band started playing - suddenly they clicked
Music started flowing - a sound sweet and thick
Electricity consumed them played with all their might
Wishing that this miracle could happen every night

© 2016 Barnett Productions