"Just a shadow"

Itís just a shadow of who I used to be
A graying photograph that doesnít look like me
Fading memory is not all it seems
But they might still be alive in my dreams

Itís just a shadow a feeling gone away
Fleeting arrow pierces through the day
Crimson teenage pain waits for the chance
Sweep away the years, old lovers start to dance

Itís just a shadow a place no longer there
A painted window lets in summer air
Barely visible to the naked eye
The past is here to watch and maybe tell us why

Itís just a shadow of where this road could be
As sandy footprints go on beside the sea
Sunset glows upon the seeds that youíve sown
The shadows lengthen into roads of their own

Itís just a shadow that wanders into view
A faint reminder of what we all can do
And in the distance I can plainly see
Shadows dancing there for you and me

Itís just a shadow that falls across your way
A single moment with nothing to say
But when the circle turns back around the ends
Captured for eternity the shadow of your friends

© 2016 Barnett Productions