"This Reunion"

Thirty years and youíre still the same
A little older, maybe changed your name
Couple kids, ex husband too
But you can move like you used to do
We play a teenage game
I have only myself to blame
Should have said something years ago
If I donít tell you then youíll never know

Welcome to this reunion
I sure hope youíre having fun
But I just cant shake the feeling
You might be my only one

Wider than I was back then
Glasses thicker as the hair goes thin
A little color from a Clairol box
Helps to cover those graying locks
I look at you with a silly grin
The dance starts, you invite me in
All the lines I had ready to go
Disappear as we dance so slow

Welcome to this reunion
I know Iím sure having fun
But 2 or 3 mistakes might kill the feeling
Of finding out youíre my only one

You dance off with another
You always loved me like a brother
Dreams crushed with one high heel
But thatís not the way I feel
A wallflower comes into view
Take a chance is what Iíll do
Her eyes hold ancient tears
She never told me all these years

Welcome to this reunion
I know weíre just having fun
But if you never tell your secrets
Tomorrow morning this night is done

© 2016 Barnett Productions