"Embrace the Dissonance"

Embrace the dissonance
Until you feel the sound
It can open up your mind
Turn your thoughts around

Around my world I hear
Divergent sounds collide
Splinter off in twisted ways
To stand on either side

Embrace humanity
Through the city street
Urbanite cacophony
Hearts in random beat

Beat the racing herd
To the finish line
Fading into history
Trapped within your mind

Embrace technology
Science makes you whole
Steady stream of images
Out of your control

Control the differences
What I think is real
Separating falsehoods
The images conceal

Embrace the chaos
Let it guide your day
Don't distract the witnesses
That try and block the way

The way of the world
I leave you to desire
Heaven finds me waiting in
The cooling breath of fire

Embrace the dissonance
A dance of life in song
Sound that lasts forever
If I should live that long

© 2016 Barnett Productions