"The Big Hand Blues"

I met a friend
Down at the bar
He's kind of ugly
Aint got a car
Still gets the ladies
Throughout the land
He said his something about his big hands

Lord I'll never know why
The women always go for the big handed guy

I try to flirt
And try to schmoose
Competing for women
On a bar room cruise
My buddy told me
Just stick to booze
Against a big hand you'll always lose

I told the doctor
About my plight
He said I noticed
Your hands are light
Then he gave me
A strange expression
When I asked about a hand extension

Texas hold em
And five card stud
Each time I play
My lucks a dud
I'm short all night
My moneys spent
Girlfriend tells me thatís not what she meant

I got a girl
Who doesnít care
About big hands
Or curly hair
Laughs at my fear
And says I'm sweet
Says thatís ok cause you've got big feet

© 2016 Barnett Productions