"A little bit slow"

She left one day
After the new years snow
Iíve been here without her
For a year or so
I didnít understand
We needed to grow
She had to move faster
And Iím a little bit slow

Iím a little bit slow
I wanted you to know
I may not win or place or show
But Iíve still got eight seconds
To ride in this rodeo

I canít understand and
They all tell me so
So many things
That I should know
My preacher told me
You reap what you sow
I guess that harvest is empty
Cause Iím a little bit slow

I think I found the one
She makes my heart glow
Though she may refuse me
A thousand times I know
Thatís all right with me
I go with the flow
Iím biding my time
Cause Iím a little bit slow

© 2016 Barnett Productions