"Quiet Desperation"

Donít he look funny in his brown suit
And a blue pair of shoes
Sox are white and his tie is green
But he has nothing to lose
He hasnít been on an interview
In twenty seven years
He donít remember that one now
And it plays upon his fears

In a life of quiet desperation
He hopes it all works out
Moving forward anytime he can
Through all the fear and doubt
In a life of quiet desperation

She has three kids from different men
And never saw a ring
Their promises of a better life
Didnít mean a thing
She works a dead end paycheck
And walks a country mile
Her childrenís laughter is the only thing
That ever makes her smile

They look around at the happy ones
Or so it seems to be
Thinking they are all alone
But they just donít see
Everyone they see each day
Have their own troubles too
No matter who they think they are
Theyíre just like me and you

© 2016 Barnett Productions