"Ever After"

I don't want to be the guy who drives
Past your house to see a light
A shadow here in passing
While you spend your night

I don't want to be a memory
Of a love that disappears
Colors turn to gray one day
As if I was never here

I don't want to be your first ex husband
Or number two or three
The titles fall to up and comers
Like something on TV

I don't want to be just the person
You call when things are wrong
A friendly port in any storm
Only sing happy songs

Want to be in your life
Want to be in your heart
I want to feel you here with me
Even if we are apart

I want to grant your wishes
I want to free your soul I wanted you to know I love you
And ever after this is so

I don't want to keep repeating
The songs I sang before
Somehow the lyrics call to me
From just beyond the door

I don't want to live in exile
But I will if that's the way
To keep you safe and happy
Every single day

© 2016 Barnett Productions