"Walking Home"

As I step out in the darkness
From this doorway here
Wander down to the street light
Into the last frontier
Push the button wait my turn
On this deserted street
Under the cameras watchfull eyes
I contem plate my feet
As I'm walking home

I see the cracking pavement
And all the tangled weeds
Maybe they should tear it down and start again
I think thats what we need
Theres a stopsign marking halfway
Just past the yard and school
I see the shadowed outline
Of some other fool
As I'm walking home

As I look back on the evening
Your scent floats on the breeze
The desire in your eyes tonight
Brings me to my knees
But I know when you have had enough
And your hearts not there
How I'd love to have you lie to me
But that would not be fair

All the neighbors silent dark
Except a dog or two
As I step around the trash cans
I start to dream of you
Theres a car in the driveway
But thers no one home
Until I climb the three front steps
And go inside alone
As I'm walking home

© 2016 Barnett Productions