"Autumn Skies"

We could sit beneath the tree
And dream away the hours
Iíll pretend Iím a bumblebee
And youíre a field of flowers
We can sit there in silence
Iíll stare into your eyes
You are the only thing I see beneath these autumn skies

I can still remember
Staying there with you
The days in late September
With nothing else to do
Laying there in silence
Iíd listen to you sigh
Yours is the only voice I hear beneath this autumn soon

But the winterís coming soon
As autumn blows away
Seasons moving forward
And nothing ever stays

Life is always changing
And people fade away
Somehow weíre forgetting
The things we need to say
I will stand here in silence
Staring at your pictures eyes
(And look into your eyes)
You are the only one I love beneath these autumn skies

© 2016 Barnett Productions