My old girlfriendís in the kitchen
Sheís there waiting patiently
Iím on the couch with my new girl
Weíre working on a melody
I got a girl in the bedroom
In case I stay up late
One more in the back seat of my car
Because we have a date

With all these girls in my life
I never stray too far
Each one is beautiful and shapely
Each one is a six-string guitar

They never fight with each other
Donít need to share my last name
They donít mind when I bring home another
I have never heard them complain
When I want to make sweet music
Any time night or day
They wait to feel my hands around them
They never turn me away

This girl here needs little maintenance
Just a change of clothes now and then
A set of strings and a dust cloth
And sheís ready to go again
Donít care for diamonds or sports cars
And she doesnít ever nag at me
If I donít lend her out or sell her
Thatís the way it always will be

© 2016 Barnett Productions