A one track mind that jumped the rails
And headed straight at me
You know when this thing fails
She just won’t see
Deer in the headlight of a westbound train
My eyes are wide with fear
She wants a piece of my heart and mind
She wants it here and now

She’s fixated
Time to stop this game
All the talk in the world won’t change
Where she’ll place the blame
She’s fixated
With both the blinders on
When she wakes up tomorrow
I will be gone

It’s focused concentration
But I have my doubt
With all of that filtration
There’s too much she leaves out
The dance is slow today
And she’s not quite sure
I have nothing left to say
And she just wants more

Now its time to leave here
And start another tale
But she won’t see that way clear
She can never fail
I really do love her
And she may never know
I just couldn’t play another
Actor in her show

© 2016 Barnett Productions