"Another Christmas here"

It痴 seventeen degrees out side
The ground is frozen hard
Cars are skating on the street again
There痴 frost out in the yard
Standing here on the front porch step
Breathing in the cold
Tracks of ice upon my cheeks
I知 starting to feel old

I値l be here on Christmas eve
I値l be here on Christmas day
Me, the dog and the television
Only one of us has anything to say
I値l pray that everyone is safe
I値l pray that everyone is full and warm
I値l pray that Santa comes to visit me
And leaves you in my arms

Remembering a snow filled day
Bundled up with you
Is spilling out of my memory
Onto the frozen morning dew
Wrapping presents in the living room
Beneath a midnight Christmas star
Dreaming now I close my eyes
And wonder where you are

Winter breeze is sharp and cold
It cuts into my head
Brittle trees against the morning sky
The limbs are bare and dead
But roots go deep into the ground
Spring痴 not that far away
I guess I値l just go back inside
And wait for one more day

© 2016 Barnett Productions