"A bipolar exit interview"

All the happy butter flys scatter in the breeze
Flowers blossom freshly scented gather at your knees
All the fluffy bunnies cuddle soft and warm
Kittens playfull pawing cradled in your arms

Its not a layoff you're not fired
Your employment just expired
You'll never know how bad we grieve
Turn in your badge before you leave

Puppies falling over tumbled ball of fur
Smiling children morning sun happiness ensured
Bluest sky gentle cloud drifting slowly past
Thoughts escape relaxing mind this day could be your last

We just wanted you to know
Clean out your desk before you go
You can stay at home now and have fun
We're hoping that you dont own a gun

Frosted ice cream sundae now it waits for you
Like a crystal sunrise in the morning dew
Time with friends and family love fills the air
Dancing in the moonlight throw away your care

Life is an adventure this we know
You should be free to live and grow
You took vacation just last may
So we're shorting you three days of severance pay

Happy happy smiling smiling listen to my voice
Putting best foot forward you know you have a choice
Nothing but the best for you is our hope today
Please keep a positive attitude as you go away

We know that you will be ok
With the unemployment we will pay
Leaving here right now you shouldnt mind
We're really going to screw those left behind

© 2016 Barnett Productions