He's a...
Hard drinkin gun totin Jesus loving ex marine
Harley riding beer bellied brewmaster drama queen
Beef eating spud loving jack drinking selfish jerk
He can't do self help its too much work

He was born in Absentia, Texas
A most annoying lad
Mother never liked him
He wasnt sure about his dad
So he learned to ride a harley
When he was six years old
And as soon he could read the street signs
He up and hit the road

Semper fi at sixteen
He was out at twenty-four
Wanted to stay longer
But they couldn't take no more
Found Jesus down in Lynchburg
And worships every day
Along with beer & beans & broads
At the steak and spud buffet

Working for a brewery
He fell in love with beer
Drank them into bankruptcy
And they kicked them out of there
Jumped upon his Harley
And rode off that day
Every time he comes back
They wish he'd go away

© 2016 Barnett Productions