"Late for my own funeral"

Someone told me once lifeís an adventure
I think Iím in a comedy
Keystone cops in a frantic chase
I'm laughing so hard that I canít see
Take care of your health and live forever
Take care of your friends; they'll take care of you
Take care to get eight hours sleep every day
Thatís one thing I donít have time to do

If I'm lucky I'll be late for my own funeral
Go on and start Iím too busy having fun
Thereís so much to do
I may never get through
Grab a chair and I'll be there when I'm done

Late into the office every morning
Lunch turned into dinner while I blink
Unread books are piled up and now they block the view
Of the mound of dirty dishes in the sink
Schedule is filled up for the decade
No room at the inbox for even one thing more
Circulation stopped in my legs and my behind
And my daily Dilbert says 2004

Instrumental tracks are mostly finished
Need to tweak the vocal in the middle of the song
I'll finish up the lyrics while you wait patiently
Four lines shouldnít take that long

© 2016 Barnett Productions