"Glimpse of Americana"

On a pleasant day trip to the woods
As sunshine over flowed
We passed some children waving
From a tractor near the road
Waving back I know it brought
A smile to my face
Felt like stopping then and there
Just to mark the place

A glimpse of Americana,
A shadow from the past
As if to say this country has
Come back home at last
The things we share together
Despite the worlds call
The hope and dreams of peace,
And freedom for us all

Perhaps the kids imagined where
All those cars had been
Oregon to eastern Maine
And driving home again
We rolled along through forest green
Amid flashes of blue skies
With summersí smiling children
Burned into my eyes

Last bits of golden light
Touching on green leaves
Company of my good friends
Was the gift I had received
Now and then the scent of hay
And clover fills the air
Takes me to that distant farm
And children waving there

© 2016 Barnett Productions