"Transubstantiation blues"

Went to church on Sunday happy as can be
Humble pious Christian that would be me
Bow my head in reverence in the front row pew
Pastor gives communion and as I start to chew

I got a little piece of Jesus stuck between my teeth
Now I can only speak the truth
God is always with me everywhere I go
With my savior wrapped around my tooth

I tried to wash it down when the wine was poured
The sacred holy drink that comes from our lord
Elder tripped and spilled Christís blood on my shirt
Now the congregation thinks that Iíve been hurt

Found out a rosary doesnít work as floss
Tried to find a toothpick made from the true cross
Brushing my teeth might just defile the host
I think I need a Heimlich from the Holy Ghost

© 2016 Barnett Productions