"My Television"

If I listen to my television
I need to worry about my prostate health
I need a car the size of my first apartment
Somehow I should be growing wealth
Thereís so many things I should ask my doctor
Cholesterol, liver damage, menopause and sleep
I got a fourteen-page list in my back pocket
Never mind I think that it can keep

I need to go outside
Maybe go for a ride
See how the other half lives
Itís fine with me
If I lose my TV
It takes away more than it gives

If I listen to my television
Every single illness that a man can get
Leads to some sort of erectile dysfunction
I havenít got those illnesses yet
I think my credit score is in single digits
I canít refinance what I havenít got
Maybe them girls gone wild will stop by for a visit
Well, then again probably not

If I listen to my television
A thousand weekend hours might be a ball
Bundle my phone with TV and computer
So when they disconnect theyíre takin em all
I could play guitar for the folks in the park
Or read a good book under a tree
No infomercials or slick product placements
Do what I want as long as itís free

© 2016 Barnett Productions