"What were you expecting?"

The politician opened up his mouth
And lied to everyone who chanced to hear
Talked of good and evil and things that he could do
Filled the crowd with thoughts of patriotic fear
These lies got him elected
Brought him power wealth and fame
His conscience did not bother him because he knew the truth
Every politician is the same

What were you expecting?
Honesty from someone paid to lie
As long as he keeps truth to himself
He never has to answer questions why

The boy watched his father die in prison
His mother overdosed on Christmas Eve
At minimum wage and a 14 hour day
If you donít like it you canít leave
Gangstas trading gold for life in baggies
Pain and death is just a way to live
No better country to escape to if he could
An empty heart has nothing left to give

What were you expecting?
A servant bowing happy at your knee
Charity is not the same as pity
Conscience money doesnít come for free

The man said lord please forgive me
For atrocities against the human race
I have fallen so far away from you
I canít look in the mirror at my face
Compounding the sins of my fathers
Allowing evil voices to be heard
So many others are more worthy than I
God forgave him as he said the word

What were you expecting?
Everyone is loved no matter how he lives
The closest ones are the blessed
But the further away the more he gives

© 2016 Barnett Productions