"Off Shore"

Monday morning meeting I straggle in late
Look to see the workload but thereís an empty plate
Boss has announcements a decision by the board
I'm really sorry people you're jobs been off shored

(And so Iím)
Heading down to Shreveport
Hauling it in
Sleep in the sunshine
Ride on the wind
May not get rich
But I'll never get bored
Now that my life
Is just off shore

Boss is thinking about some body armor now
Hoping to keep the peace but not knowing how
Crying shouts of anger from everyone but me
Itís not the end of life it just means I'm free

Wonder why I'm smiling, I'm already out to sea
If they shout and throw things that donít bother me
I got enough in savings to buy me a fishing boat
Whatever donít fit inside will either sink or float

© 2016 Barnett Productions