"A life reflected"

Noticing the blood shot eyes looking back at me
Early Sunday morning, not where he thought he'd be
Staring at this old mans slowly graying beard
Is he where he always wanted or where he always feared

It's a life reflected in the bathroom mirror
All the hopes and dreams standing naked here
Just a life reflected just another day
Struggle with the questions try and find the way

Watching all the cars go by driving in reverse
Standing still or moving back, don't know which is worse
People walk into themselves then disappear from view
One more step to join them, not sure what to do

It's a life reflected in a window pane
A glimpse of someone else's world walking down the lane
Just a life reflected, just another day
Answering the questions, looking for the way

I can see my fingers pulling on the string
Musical reflection push heart and soul to sing
A little piece of heaven drifting in the air
May not see the face of God, yet he's always there

It's a life reflected in this old guitar
With the help of angels I couldn't get this far
Just a life reflected in one more joyous day
Answering the questions following the way

© 2016 Barnett Productions