"Moving furniture"

Fingers feel the edges where eyes cannot see
Slowly round the corners to where they need to be
Gloved knuckles bending and testing for a fit
Perhaps it's to the left and down a little bit
Leaning back and eyeing the narrow hall and door
Looking round for unseen dangers laying on the floor
Turn to the table and a drink of something cool
Take your time, be careful no need to play the fool

One deep breath and muscle moves in harmony with wood
Clutching solid pine and cloth the feel is smooth and good
Slowly toes begin to flex then calves and thigh and back
Arms extended hugging tightly taking in the slack
Muscles pushed to their extreme and agonizing limit
Push the body soul and mind and everything within it
Free from earth, from gravity we break the surly bond
Standing straight with prowess big fish in tiny pond

Slowly one foot raised and moved inches gliding by
A smile perhaps, a corner mouth as if to show how sly
Left foot follows right foot, a dance that's slow and plain
Then something else, a stop, a thought, a little twinge of pain?
Small of back announces "I quit" right then and there
Leaving all the rest to keep the cloth and wood in air
As the posture changes the legs and arms rebel
The lungs release a single word a grunt that sounds like "hell"

Forward motion to the door angle to the side
Wood and cloth frame and floor an unsuspecting bride
Muscles weak and trembling strain to do the job
But house divided cannot stand the lungs release a sob
Worlds collide and come to rest art Nuevo in transit
Things like this just happen no one ever plans it
Crawling to the cool drink haven legs go cold and numb
To lift a 6 foot couch alone was really kind of dumb

© 2016 Barnett Productions