"Bottle Rocket"

Running out on Friday night
Down to Katie J's
Looking for a basket catch
Sorta like Willie Mays
You stroll in all warm and smooth
My eyes pop the socket
You're all the fire that I need
To light this bottle rocket

I'm a bottle rocket in an old tin can
I know I just can't lose
Better watch your fingers girl
When you try and light my fuse
Running off in all directions
Explosions in the dark
Don't need much to get me moving
It only takes a spark

Tell me what you want from me
And I'll tell you what I'll do
Build a fire on common ground
I think you know its true
Keep those family pictures hidden
In that golden locket
Cause all we need is you and me
To light this bottle rocket

Time is running out on us
It's almost the last call
I told you exactly how I feel
And you didn't speak at all
The judge is in but the jury's out
And I'm standing in the docket
So honey bring your matches here
And we'll light this bottle rocket

© 2016 Barnett Productions