"Tequila in the jar"

As I was a going over the old mohave desert,
Dressed in faded levis and a jimmy buffet tshirt
I drew me pocket change out and then I drew me wallet,
Sayin' dos cervesas senor or what ever it tis ya call it

Well shirigim duraham da
Wack fall the daddy oh, wack fall the daddy oh
Tequilas in the jar.

I counted out my pesos and then drank margaritas,
Stumbling home at dawn to some lovely senoritas
They swore at me in spanish and then called me gringo
I mumbled an apology and they then ran off to bingo

I went into me casa with my brain all pickled rotten
To dream of real tequila with the worm thats at the bottom.
The women took me charge cards and maxed em to the limit
Emptied out the bank account and everything within it.

Next morning came too early headache spikes and valleys
There came a repossesser and likewise Federalles
I goes to draw me wallet and get ready for the slaughter
but we came to an agreement over cuervo gold and water.

I only got a warnin cause they thought that I was loco
me brother picked me up so we could head for acapulco
Together we'd go drinkin out in puerto penasco
Sober up each mornin drinking beer with some tabasco.

There's some takes delight in the moutain dew and lightnin,
Some delight in smoothies which I find a little frightnin
But I takes delight in the juice of the agave,
Courting senoritas in the desert called mohave

© 2016 Barnett Productions