"Well Drink"

We can discuss our problems honey
We can talk about your needs
And all the things Iíve never done
Or the way your heart bleeds
Locked in conversation here
Stranded in plain sight
All we need is a little help
To make these things alright

Where thereís a well drink thereís a way
I can listen to anything you have to say
A little inspiration
In a common manís libation
Where thereís a well drink thereís a way

I didnít mean to start an argument
About left wing politics of reason
Should have just kept my mouth shut
Instead of accusing you of treason
But donít you get up on your dander
I donít think youíre such a nut
Sit back on that bar stool buddy
And let me tell you what

Six hundred billion dollars
Just to bail the buzzards out
Whether the vault doors would be open
Was never in much doubt
Five million here ten million there
Whatís a working man to think?
I wish with all that damn money
They could spare a three-dollar drink

© 2016 Barnett Productions