Running down this dead end street
Just as fast as I can
This temptation is hard to beat
And Iím just a man
Itís a party but not to me
Its another lie
In the blistering summer heat
Just a way to die

So I remember the winter
A day we spent in the snow
Love we just wandered into
Where did it go?
Did I lie or offend you
Was it something I said?
Time is slowly deceiving me
As the light turns red

Chasing dreams that never end
Somewhere inside of me
I could really use a friend
But that is not to be
I run alone on this downhill grade
Quickly gaining speed
Past the final signpost
This should be all I need

There might be time to think again
About my forward course
If Iím wrong about this then
Itís a different colored horse
Stop the train Iím leaving now
An alcohol soaked gun
Setting down this tepid beer
I think Iím finally done

© 2016 Barnett Productions