"Old Jeans"

I realized this morning, As I pulled on my old jeans
They nearly fell to pieces there, Came apart at the seams
Faded white and ragged, I remember when they were new
I should have worn another pair, But nothing else would do

Our love is an old pair of jeans, That feels like extra skin
Body shows through fabric, Where it's starting to get thin
The older that I get it seems, The more my soul shows through
Love that keeps my heart alive, I can only get from you

Reminded of a summer evening, After the heat of the day
Back before the kids came home, And we still had things to say
They might be old and dirty, Unfit for a public display
I've put them on 6 mornings now, And they'll be worn again today

One day when we're older, And don't wear jeans at all
We'll put on tracksuit trousers, And walk the super mall
Till that day arises, And fashion slips away
Faded soft and comfortable, Is how I wish to stay

© 2016 Barnett Productions