"Garden Angel"

At the dairy queen in Florence
Got out to check the car
Called your name to silence
Drifted off too far
I found you knelt and crying
In the grass beside the road
There amoung the weeds
A cherub face looked old
I released him from the ground
You cleansed its aging hurt
Bright and smiling cherub
Now free of grass and dirt

Garden angel, Fisher of men
Rusty old cherub, Occasional friend
Garden angel, Saved from the weeds
Blessing my life and sowing his seeds

No place to display him
Angel always under feet
So to the porch it moved
To bless the yard and street
Now the garden angel
Sits blessing box and tool
Quiet solemn smiling
In storage dark and cool
For one week in the springtime
He'll grace the porch again
Then back to guarding spiders
In a darkened storage den

© 2016 Barnett Productions