"Walking Distance"

Perched above the ice rink in the shadows
Just inside the entrance to the mall
Never knew the color of the wall paint
Lord knows I knew the barstools well
Acoustic music played for aging hippies
Goat roping folkie rock and blues
Sometimes full but mostly it's half empty
The music died but they aint heard the news

Home and hearth kids and wife
Yard and trees and my old car
Down the drive and up the road
It's always walking distance to the bar

Wedged between a gas station and florist
An unlit sign reads bar above the door
Dirty pictures plastered in the bathroom
Pool sticks used for playing and for war
The sign said no weapons bikes or colors
Beer served by the pitcher nothing more
Dirty patrons plastered at the bar rail
Sticky and unpainted concrete floor

Working days and weekend nights
Sometimes both you have to travel far
Straight and narrow down a lonely path
It's always walking distance to the bar

1955 looks so much younger
In the faded wallpaper and lights
This is where your dad stopped for a cold one
When mom went to the clearance sale fights
47 years and just one owner
Serving people living in the past
Graying hair transformed to golden tresses
One more way to make your vision last

Memories of the fading years
We missed the chance to ride upon a star
So let's go back and dream one more
Its time to walk the distance to the bar

© 2016 Barnett Productions