"Watercolor Life"

Seems time is running faster
Than it did a year ago
Perhaps the pace gets frantic
When there's no place to go
Everything I've ever wanted
Is here in front of me
Reach out and touch the future
Remember what you see

On this living breathing canvas
Young girl woman wife
I paint unending chapters
Of a watercolor life

Past decades blur together
Pictures torn memories sold
Cracked portraits crumble slowly
People just get old
Stop motion from a distance
Shows a slow and steady climb
Frantic search for life's meaning
Is at your feet to find

With these tiny hands to nurture
Keep safe in the silent night
Another filtered brushstroke
In a watercolor life

Filling in the curling paper
Leave room for other scenes
Let tilting canvas show me
Where my life will lean
Looking up to find perspective
I see the canvas end
No time to finish painting
Pass it too a friend

I hear the brushes memory
Burn slow within the light
Drying parchment indications
Of a watercolor life

© 2016 Barnett Productions