"Family Reunion"

The smell of fresh baked cookies from the kitchen
The sound of football echoes from the den
People talking loud sometimes laughing
Friends and family dropping by again
Warming fire next to someone reading
Children's faces glued to the TV
Opening my eyes to view the magic
Looking round the room it's only me

Another family reunion
One more chance to cross the frozen streams
A loving family reunion - In my dreams

Looking out the window in the darkness
So many miles away from home
Another day passed by me without notice
One more chance to not stay here alone
They say the first step is the hardest
I hit the door my coat in hand
Starting on that long expected journey
Heading for an oft remembered land

Another family reunion
Will keep them safe until I come around
One more family reunion - More Lost than found

The days of traveling are behind me
I hear the sounds of home behind the door
Tears come to my eyes as I remember
This part of life called something more
Gathered round the table for a moment
Saying family prayers that we all know
Looking in the face of love around me
Wonder why I ever thought to go

And so another family reunion
The first one of many more to come
Everything I ever needed - Was right here at home

© 2016 Barnett Productions