Leslie called me from a sushi bar
And said the food was raw again
No one else can make me laugh that way
Sometimes itís good to hear a friend

We have to get together soon she said
Have a drink for all the years
No idea where they've gotten to
Lost in laughter and the tears

Met my old friends at the crossroads
Between the bottom and the top
Never mind the direction I'm headed
Iíll just wave if I canít stop
And catch you on the way back up

Bob was never much for talking
He just said whatís on his mind
There was some magic elixir
He was hoping he could find

But he could see into his future
Couldnít drive it from his head
Daily repeating of a nightmare
With music from the grateful dead

Itís been two years since Iíve seen you
On that California night
All I wanted was to hold you
But the moment was never right

Now I find myself up here
And wonder where you've gone
I pick up this old red guitar
And write another song

© 2016 Barnett Productions